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Your Legal Nurse Consultant Resource

Leverage 30+ years of nursing experience to your advantage to support your cases!

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These are just a few of the benefits from engaging a Legal Nurse Consultant vs. Testifying Expert in your case. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you. 

Your Peripheral Brain

Using a Legal Nurse Consultant initially as part of your team vs. as a testifying expert can help you to identify key strengths and weaknesses in your case you may want to exploit in your strategy, but may not want an expert to have to be subject to testify about. 

Chronology Of Events

One of the best people to produce a chronology is a Legal Nurse Consultant.  With our experience and training we can hone in on the issues quickly and efficiently. 

Review of the Medical Records

A Legal Nurse Consultant is at home in the medical record. We are able to fully review the record to determine what may be missing, incorrect, or tampered with. And occasionally, even find little nuggets of gold!

Finding Experts

We can identify the types of experts you need and we can also help you to find qualified experts as well. 

Analysis Of The Records

We can analyze not only the medical records to determine deviations, but we can also help to develop interrogatories based on that review. We can also analyze depositions based on our previous findings. 

Nursing Experience

With 30 years of extensive nursing experience in military, federal and civilian practice, specialized training in Legal Nurse Consulting, and two nursing degrees, we can offer a unique perspective to your cases. 

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